Welcome. With so many Breeds and different requirements for your Fish we strive to meet those requirements with a Friendly service to you (The Customer), and because of this we have to say this is not an area we are strong in. We hold very little stock in the way of accessories (pumps, Filters, etc.) BUT we are always happy to order in anything you may require ie specialist feed if we can obtain from our many suppliers. REMEMBER with us unlike online purchase if your order is not correct for any reason you do not have to deal with a computer or queue to post it back WE TAKE THE HASSLE AWAY.

Aquarium Supplies in Sonning Common

We do sell Pond Sticks and Pellets loose which means you can buy just what you want for your Pond fish.


TETRA, Pettex Pond food, King British, Aquarian (API) , Pets Choice .Fish Nets , Blagdon Pond treatments, White spot , Tap safe , Supa Holiday Fish Blocks, Supa Pond Vacation Fish Blocks 50g, Supa Weekend Fish Blocks 6g,



Available to order


Pets Choice Carp Sticks, Tetra Pond Flake, Pets Choice Multisticks, Tetra Pond Variety Food Sticks

Tetra Koi Food Sticks, Tetra Pond Sticks, Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Food Sticks,

Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks, Supa Standard Pond Flake Food


King British Bloodworm, King British Catfish Pellets, Tetra Goldfish Fish Food, King British Daphnia Treats, King British Goldfish Flake, Tetramin (Tropical) Fish Food, King British Tropical Flake, Aquarian Goldfish Pellet, Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan Mini Sticks, Tetra Prima Granules

Tetra Pro Energy Tropical Mini Crisps, Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers,

King British Turtle & Terapin Food


Fish Bowls, Fluval Pumps , PVC Airline Tubing , Dorset Pea Gravel, Pettex Roman Gravel, Blagdon Pond Anti Fungus & Bacteria, Blagdon Pond Fish Aid Anti Parasite , Blagdon Pond Bio Activator , Blagdon Pond Clear Pond, Blagdon Pond Fish Aid Anti Ulcer, Blagdon Pond Flora Boost, Blagdon Pond Tap Water Fresh Start, Blagdon Pond Green Away, Interpet Aqua Air Ap1 Air Pump, Tetra Air Pump APS150, Juwel Automatic Heater 100w, Juwel Ecco Flow 500