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Welcome. With so many Species and different requirements for our wildlife Friends we strive to meet those requirements with a Friendly service to you (The Customer)

We have many years experience within the Pet & Farm Industry which we draw on to give advice.

We stock the most popular products and are Happy to order non stocked products which arrive within a day or so. REMEMBER with us unlike online purchase if your order is not correct for any reason you do not have to deal with a computer or queue to post it back WE TAKE THE HASSLE AWAY .

wild bird and wild animal supplies at Sonning pet shop

We stock –

Bird Table

Walter Harrisons, Johnson & Jeff, HoneyFields , C J Wildlife Products , along with Nyger Seed, Fat Balls , Suet Pellets ,Spikes Hedgehog Food, Brambles Swan and Duck Food, Squirrel Food, Fat Filled Coconuts,

Dried Mealworms, Suet Logs.

We also sell  Peanuts , Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower, Wild bird  loose which means you can buy just what you want.


We have a selection of Feeders for Peanuts, Seed, Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower, Nyger Seed, Water Feeders, Squirrel resistant Peanut Feeders , Squirrel resistant Seed Feeders, Suet Feeders  , Suet Block Feeders, Scraps Feeder, Hedgehog House, Insect House, Nest Boxes, Bird Tables, Feeding Stations, Fat Ball Feeders, Squirrel Resistant Fat Ball Feeders, Ground Feeders, Mealworm Feeders, Window Feeders, Suet Log Feeders,

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