Farm Feeds

Welcome. With so many Breeds and different requirements for your Livestock we strive to meet those requirements with a Friendly service to you (The Customer)

We have many years experience within the Pet & Farm Industry which we draw on to give advice.

We stock the most popular products and are Happy to order non stocked products which arrive within a day or so. REMEMBER with us unlike online purchase if your order is not correct for any reason you do not have to deal with a computer or queue to post it back WE TAKE THE HASSLE AWAY .

Farm yard feeds at Sonning Common Pet Country Supplies
We Mainly Stock W.H.MARRIAGE  Feeds and Straights

Many other manufacturers are available to us

Marriage Water Mill

Marriage Orginal Mill

photo of marriage mill

Marriage mill

We stock

Mixed Corn, Layers Pellets and Mash , Chick Crumbs, Growers Pellets

Duck & Goose Crumbs , Duck & Goose Growers Pellets ,Mixed Grit ,Oyster Shell

Organic Layers Pellets, Organic Mixed Corn, Easichick

Livestock feeds to order

Organic Feed

Turkey Feed –Crumbs-Grower-Finisher

Pig Feed – Sow cubes/Rolls -Creep – Grower/Finisher

Pot Bellied Pig Food

Reindeer Feed

Goat Feed , Sheep Feed , Cattle Feed

Duck & Goose – Crumbs -Finisher

Poultry Breeder Pellets

Llama & Alpaca Mix- Camelibra™


Husbandry Products

Cider Vinegar , Vermex , Red Mite sprays and powders ,Formula H , Poultry feeders , Poultry Drinkers , Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare , Johnson’s Poultry Virenza Disinfectant & Cleaner Spray Johnson’s Poultry Mite & Lice Powder Johnson’s Poultry Anti-Peck Spray, 100ml Duramitex Plus Spray, Smite Organic De Red Mite