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Rabbit, Guineapig, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Chinchilla, Ferret, Degu, Mouse, Chipmunk

Welcome. With so many Species and different requirements for your furry Friends, we strive to meet those requirements with a Friendly service to you (The Customer)

We have many years experience within the Pet Industry which we draw on to give advice.

We stock the most popular products and are Happy to order non stocked products which arrive within a day or so. REMEMBER with us unlike online purchase if your order is not correct for any reason you do not have to deal with a computer or queue to post it back WE TAKE THE HASSLE AWAY .

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We stock –

Hay, Straw, Woodshavings, Back 2 Nature Bedding, Paperwool, Fluff Bedding, Excel Rabbit, Excel Guineapig, Selective Rabbit, Selective Guineapig, Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix, Russel Tasty Nuggets, Twitch Rabbit, Twitch Guineapig, Mr Johnsons Tropical Rabbit Mix,


Pet Carriers, Rabbit Harness, Supa Chewi-Tube, Hamster Toilet, Hay Manger, Hamster Play Ball,


Wooden Chews, Vitakraft Rabbit Sticks, Vitakraft Hamster Sticks, Vitakraft Guineapig Sticks, Tiny Farm Friends, Vitakraft Golden Corn-on-the-Cob


Classic Deluxe water Bottles, Supreme Keep-It-Clean Spray Lavender, Stainless Steel Bowls, Ceramic Bowls, Small Animal Bristle Brush, Small Animal Slicker Brush, Small Animal Comb, Small Animal Claw Clipper, Leucillin, Johnson’s Fly Strike Protector, Johnson’s Small Animal Insecticidal Shampoo, Bob Martin My Little Friend Small Animal Spot-On, Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules, Bathing Dust.


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Cages, Hutches, Runs, Ferret Harness,


Mr Johnsons, Chudleys Rabbit Royale, Harringtons Rabbit & Guineapig, Reggie Rat, Chudleys Rabbit Pellets, Selective Mouse, Selective Rat, Excel Rat, Charlie Chinchilla, Selective Degu, Selective Chinchilla, Excel Chinchilla, Alpha Ferret Feast, Vitalin Ferret, James Wellbeloved Ferret, Chudleys Ferret, Selective Ferret, Dr John Merlin, Verm-X Herbal Nuggets for Rabbits & Small Animals,